High Pressure Fog System

The Fog is a high-pressure system that works between 70-120 bar, producing, with the Nozzles Vifra, water drops of 1 micron size. In this way the nebulized water, won’t deposite and damage the cultivation.


Longevity and the guarantee of the system are consequences depending on the use of high quality materials, stainless steel exclusively made. 

The use of these materials, therefore, allows the grower to be able to use the Fog System also to spray chemicals products.


Most of the components of the system are designed, engineered and manufactured by the company itself, this ensure an innovative design and an easy deployment of the products.


With the High Pressure Fog System there is an increase of the crop productivity and the reduction of irrigation and energy costs.

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All Pump Units made by Vifra are tailor made and customized for every single project.


The homogeneity of the water distribution is crucial to have a uniform effect on the vegetation.


We give the chance to choose a complete installation or just a supervision by our team.

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