Dehumidification System

In some moments of the 24h, especially in the night, the humidity inside the greenhouse is very high and at the same time, outside, the temperature is too cold. Currently the grower fights this situation by heating the greenhouse while the windows are open, but in this way the temperature returns cold, forcing the grower to heat more. This cicle creates a huge waste of energy and a very bad accuracy of the climatic management. 


This is just one of the reason why a Dehumidification System is the best solution for reducing humidity. 

Dehumidifying is the first step to be an ORGANIC NURSERYMAN, and to have a REAL ORGANIC PRODUCT.
It prevents diseases like Botrytis and Blight of all those cultivations which require cold temperature and impossibility to heat (Roses, Cymbidium, Basil) and it does it with a physical method instead of a chemical one.
It avoids the Deficiency Range (or safety period), that is the time the farmers have to wait before collecting the product, after giving chemical treatments (ranging from 3 to 15 days). This means being able to sell the product when it is ready, or when it is more convenient, without having to wait for these times, during which the disease may still occur.
It avoids the phenomenon of habituation or resistance to plant protection products, which generates the increasingly massive use of these products to obtain the same initial effectiveness.
It prevents the accumulation of toxic substances in the environment.
It guarantees lower costs because it avoids the manpower to give pesticides and the cost of pesticides themselves, moreover its consumption costs are so low that the investment comes back in short time.
During the winter it drastically reduces the cost of heating because it avoids the need to open the windows of the greenhouse.

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