How to move quickly inside a big greenhouse? easyGO is the answer! Fully electric, practical and easy to drive, no sit needed, jump on and get off in a while. This stand-up scooter is awsome! 


Vifra Solar

Among the technologies that the company Vifra 

provides, there is also the brand VIFRA SOLAR, dealing the design and installation of new energy coming from renewable sources, in particular photovoltaic systems.



High Pressure Fog System

Vifra's key product. From the Pump Unit to the installation, we provide everything. If it's still missing in your greenhouse, ask us a quotation. The Fog System is necessary to create the ideal climate for your crop.




If what you need is just a small HIGH PRESSURE FOG SYSTEM, this is made for you. The brand BeCool in fact, was born from the Vifra family to meet the requirements of small projects, including not just greenhouses, but also open spaces.



Spare Parts

For our clients, who need new filter catridges, new nozzles filters, you can finally buy directly from our website!




Vifra is an italian company based in Rome, for more than 10 years engages in manufacturing and installation of the High Pressure Fog System worldwide.

The main goal of the Company Vifra is to create the ideal climate required, according to the farmer needs.



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