It is born from the experience of Vincenzo Russo, also owner of one of the most famous beaches of the cost near Rome, Ondanomala. Right here, in fact, where summer temperatures soar to 40° C, especially during July and August, came the idea of cooling the outdoor areas using only water spray.

For this reason, in 2005, he gave birth to the brand "BeCool".

This name already says a lot, it looks very simple, but behind this little gem there is a work studied in every detail. Everything starts from the water. BeCool is a special kit, made incredibly compact, consisting in a high pressure pump working around a range from 70 to 120 bar, then it can be coupled with so many nebulization system that best suits the needs of the customer.

The system can be installed where you want. Gardens, hotels, restaurants, bars, swimming pool, playgrounds, because every system can be customized for the place where it will be mounted.


The real strength of BeCool are the nozzles. Completely made in Italy, they can spray tiny drops of water no larger then 1 micron (1 thousandth of a millimeter), so it means that what you can feel is just a soft veil of freshness without getting wet.


Any customer can choose the nebulization way: from high pressure plastic pipe to the stainless steal one, up to proper design items, which, in addition to spraying, propose further intervention of the ventilation. 


In conclusion BeCool is the right answer to the summer heat problem, and already a lot of countries like Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, and even more, understood it.

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